There is nothing greater than restoring what was once lost. Whether it is the old painted advertisements on the sides of buildings or the elaborate tin ceilings, we love the embodied history within each building that can only be revived through dedicated time and patience. We take care to preserve the historic details that give each building character while fixing the structure and adding new systems to give an old building new life.

Others have recognized our care for the work we do, which is evidenced by how we have completed the most certified historic rehabilitations in southwest Virginia and been awarded “Patron Saint of Historic Buildings” in the city of Radford.  We have also completed 6 certified projects that have earned federal and state historic tax credits. We will always be ready to help you restore your building back to it’s former glory.

Basically, We LOVE old buildings!

You can look through some of our historic renovations by clicking the pictures below.

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EMAIL:   info@taylor-hollow.com

PHONE:   540.639.0195

SNAIL MAIL:   1905 W. Main St. Radford, VA 24141